How do I trigger an alert to test it?

I’m trying to notify my discord server when I have updates to hacs and HA using Update notifications! Core, HACS, Supervisor and Addons

I have the alert for HA updates and it’s current state is on but no alerts. I have the discord notification system working and have sent test messages fine.

How can I manually trigger the alert to test it? Also where are the logs to see why it fails?

Use an input boolean to trigger the alert, then you can trigger it as needed until you have it working.

Check the logs at Config > Logs if its failing.

Where is this, in automation/scenes/scripts?

You can simply go to Dev Tools/states, click the entity that should trigger your alert (not the more-info), edit the state or attributes and set click ‘SET STATE’.
That’s how i test all my automations.

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Yea this is what I do as well. Just force the entity to be in whatever state triggers your alert using dev tools and make sure it works

Thanks for all the help it’s been really useful!

I managed to get things figured out, ultimately I’m moving to Node Red since it’s seems a lot more powerful and the GUI is a bit more intuitive.