How do I trigger an automation when my hydro price changes?

I’ve integrated with an Eagle 200, and one of its entities is the hydro price. My hydro company charges a low price until a certain amount of usage, then changes the price to a higher amount. I’d like to set up a couple of things with the Eagle, like a warning if we exceed a daily average. But first I want to just set up an alert when the price changes.

I’ve set up an automation with a state trigger, but I’m not sure if this is the best way to do it, nor that it even works. I have the from value as 0.09 (but I don’t think this is the exact value returned, but rather 0.090000 USD/KwH or something similar). Same for the To value, just a different number.

Is this the best way to set the trigger?

Any help appreciated to an HA novice.

Use a numeric state trigger, not a state trigger.

Ah excellent, this does look better. Will explore - thank you!