How do I Troubleshoot letsencrypt on Hassio?

I am trying to migrate my all in 1 to hassio,
on the old setup I have a purchased ssl certificate and a purchased domain name - all working fine,I also have nginx setup there (which I have not yet setup on hassio)

when moving to hassio I decided to use a letsencrypt certificate instead (linking to the same IP so the domain name points and is forwarded exactly to the same rPi3 that is now running the hassio)

however when I add the certificate in the http: part of the configuration - home assistant would not load (stating err_connection_refused in the log.
I am fairly sure I input the correct password and I see nothing in the configuration logs…
I apparently don’t have access to where the ssl certificate / logs of letsencrypt are stored (doon’t see them in the samba)

how do I troubleshoot this thing and gain access to HA with https ?