How do I update deps to python 3.10 for HACS integrations?

I am running Home Assistant via containers. I have updated to the new version, and a number of crucial things don’t work – and it looks like that’s because they have python 3.9 deps in /config/deps/lib/python-3.9. Is there a way to say “find and install the deps for the current version of python, please”?

I’m no python expert, but years ago i frequently deleted or emptied the deps folder.
No clue if this works with the container, running core in venv.
Maybe try to rename the deps folder when the container ist shut down.

Hmmm. I’ll try when I get a chance. I’d expect that to not be any different than just not having the python3.10 die, but who knows.

I guess the underlying question is: what finds the deps and pulls them into that directory? That’s not inherently a python question, but something in Home Assistant (or HACS).

Deleting the deps just puts you further up the creek, I just tried that in an attempt to fix a broken dyson_local to no avail. Had to dig back through some backups to get the data to restore … now I’m attempting to just copy the entire python3.9 dir to python3.10. I guess with some recent automated VM patching my container restarted and updated or something, not sure, but my Dyson integration has been dead for a couple days now … I too would like to know what controls the deps downloads! I’ve ripped HACS and dyson_local out entirely and reinstalled both and my deps remain untouched.

Edit: Yeah, that didn’t work, I’m still getting -

Setup failed for custom integration dyson_local: Unable to import component: No module named ‘libdyson’


It seems very strange to me — Python 3.10 is a minor release with not much breaking change. This should be pretty transparent for most Python code.

I wonder if it’s hard-coded somewhere into something… someone must know, but when I get a chance I’ll try to trace it down if no one can set us straight before then…

Sadly I don’t think I’ll find the time to do the same myself … I’m thinking of just rolling back for now … my Dyson fan is practically useless without working HA integration - we do EVERYTHING with it with voice and automations, and that includes angle settings and such that you can’t even achieve with the remote (though you can now in the app it appears, but I’m not tweaking that every time I want to make a change)

Edit: Rolled my container back to 2022.6 and all appears to be well again!

So, for whatever it is worth, it seems to have … fixed itself? I was busy this week and set aside some time this morning to look, but I see that sometime in the meantime the container updated to a new version (thanks, podman auto-update) and this time it seems to have created /config/deps/lib/python-3.10 and contents — and it just works again.