How do I update HassOS 5.3 to 5.4 beta

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I I am running HassOS 5.3 beta on a RPI 4 because I use a SSD with direct boot. To get this working you need to use the lates RPI firmware and HassOS 5.x

After I successfully get this running a new 5.x version has been issued. Unfortunately in HA I only have the option to “upgrade” to the newest 4.x Version. Can anybody tell me what to do to upgrade to the newest 5.x release.

I know that a fresh install with a downloaded 5.4 image and restore of the backup will bring me there. I am just curious if there is an upgrade path available without the need to do a fresh install.

Use a USB flash drive. Name usb flesh CONFIG (capital letters). Download file 5.4 raucb. Copy to USB. Join Rpi. Host system select import from USB and wait. It restarts itself.

SSH to PI.
Use command: ha os update --version=5.4