How do I update widget state without dashboard page refresh? Please help (RESOLVED)

I have had hassio setup for a few weeks and everything going great. I have also got HADashboard setup and that is also working great but maybe I am missing something as I can’t get the widget states to update without refreshing the page when using Google Home / Hassio web interface to change states of my lights etc.

The only way I have found to update state on a regular basis is to add the below line to my /config/hadaemon/compiled/html/default/dashboard_head.html file but this is not ideal for a wall mounted tablet as it flashes every 10 seconds and doesn’t persist reboot’s and restarts of hadaemon (I don’t think as I keep losing it).

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="10">

I also read in an old thread about hapush but I can’t find much info about this and not sure if it still exists or even what I need.

Is there a standard way to make the widget state update without a page refresh?

Thanks guys


Hey @aimc, any chance that you would be able to help with this, please?

hapush was for dashboard V1 what you are not using.
the problems you have have to do with hassio.
if you read here on the forum you can find more people having trouble.

there are problems with hassio and Appdaemon. they are trying to solve it, but i have no clue on how long that will take.

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Hey @ReneTode, so no way with hassio at the moment. Is it possible to get it to work if I setup Hassbian instead?

i am not how hassio works, but it could very well be that if you setup appdaemon with pip install right now, you would get it to work.
lots off people have it on hassbian so that works too.
i have just plain noobs on my rpi and run hass and appdaemon on that.

you can install appdaemon on any python platform that you like. if you can install python on it you can use appdaemon.

Thanks, @ReneTode, I am setting up hassbian now to give it a go, hassio is kind of restricting anyway with the way all the docker containers work so I was always planning to give this a go and had already downloaded it :).

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Hey @ReneTode, Thanks again for your help, I have setup hassbian and migrated all my configuration etc. I just finally got appdaemon setup and working perfectly and can confirm everything working in sync now. Not sure if something went wrong when I first installed appdaemon but ended up having to play whack-a-mole installing 10+ dependencies first time I tried to run appdaemon. I did restart home assistant at the same time as appdaemon was installing after migrating my configuration which caused home assistant to install a bunch of stuff found in my config so I think that messed it up. Anyway all working perfectly now :+1: :smile:

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