How do iOS devices get detected and named?

I’m using several instances of HA in VMs to experiment with features. Can someone explain how HA discovers and names iOS devices?

What does the ios: configuration element actually do? Are there any parameters with that, or is that element standalone in conjunction with discovery? How is this related to including an iCloud platform for device_tracker?

I have both an iPhone and iPad, but only my iPad is getting added to known_devices.yaml, and it’s called (and labeled) iPad2. My iPhone isn’t being added at all.

Did you even read the docs?

And without you sharing a bit more details about what you are using and what you don’t understand it is really difficult to help you.

Yes, I read this. Does the iOS: component have any options? It doesn’t appear so from the docs. The following components appear to have something to do with discovering iOS devices, but the docs really don’t explain how they work with (or don’t) each other. Not too mention the iOS App.


You have to install the iOS app on the devices you want linked and ensure that in the app it’s connected and the notification and device tracker components are ticked as working. Also update the push settings in the app on each device.

Once you have done that it still takes a while for it to come through in home assistant.

In the notification component you get a push id I think this is what acts as the connection to allow home assistant to pick up the device and add it to notify_your.device

Configuration variables:

push (Optional): Actionable push notifications configuration. See the actionable notifications documentation for more information.