How do we fix "unhealthy" and "unsupported" supervisor

Under Configuration > Info I see the " Home Assistant Supervisor" is both “unhealthy” and “unsupported”.

This is a system running on a NUC that has been working well, albeit neglected and not updated…but now is giving issues.

The system is running 2021.1.5 and the supervisor version is 2023.01.dev1301. There is a big mismatch in dates here and it looks like the supervisor has updated itself and hence we are having issues.

However I cannot get to the supervisor pages (constant spinning wheel) in order to update or take a backup…does anybody have any ideas how I can progress? My last backup is from a while ago (bad I know, but turns out the automated system failed silently).

Thanks for any assistance. I would rather not try and set everything up from scratch again…