How do you add "Node config options" to a z-wave node on the Z-Wave Node Management page?

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I have a few z-wave devices that do not have any “Node config options” available on the Z-Wave Node Management page.

I’ve found manufacturer documentation that lists all available Config Parameter and their available settings and ranges ( but I haven’t been able to find where I would add these to the Home Assistant (or OZW) code.

For an example of a device that does list Config Parameters under the “Node config options” card on the Z-Wave Node Management page, I also have GE Dimmer switches (GE 14291 and nodes have Parameter 3 and Parameter 4 available on the “Node config options” drop down list.

Any assistance in routing me to where I can modify the appropriate code would be appreciated.

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What I have seen in the past is some devices don’t have all of the zwave options defined , so you can stop HA, then edit the zwcfg…xml file to include them. Take a look at this thread and see if it helps.

In case anyone comes across this in a search, I have the needed XML posted in this thread (ADC T200-thermostat help) which also contains instructions on how to stop your z-wave network, edits the xml file and then restart.