How do you backup your entire SD Card - MAC OS

Wonder if any of you can give me any ideas and examples on how you backup your SD Card.
I’ve been using ‘dd’ for other projects but for some reason I am not having any success backing up my HA card.

My syntax is usually like this:
sudo dd bs=1m if=/dev/rdisk2 of=~/Desktop/HASSserver_Basic_Zwave.img

Currently my backup finishes in a few seconds and takes the same amount of time to restore to another card. Are there more than 1 partition on this card? (maybe I am only backing up the boot partition) but have no idea on how to do the entire disk.

Any help would be great, since I am a noob with HA I would rather backup every so often because I am bound to mess it up as I experiment.

rdisk = raw disk. In your case, rdisk2 is the entire card, all partitions included.

Thanks roddie
So it would seem like I have the right syntax but it’s not working as it should (nor like any other projects that I backed up) Any other better way to back up an exact image of my card in order to restore later?

@berniebl That’s pretty much how it’s done – See this link for more details:

Yep, that’s how I’ve been doing it for more than a couple of hundred backup for other projects, but no go for HA. Wonder why

Have a look at ApplePi-Baker:

I’m using this flawlessly.
The site is in Dutch but program is in English.

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Thanks to all, but my better solution was to use ApplePi Baker as suggested above.
I was able to redo my dd command and left out the Block Space (bs=1) and that worked but was extremely slow. So now using ApplePi … thanks for the suggestion

Here’s an English version:

Thanks again,
ApplePi Baker did work well and it also showed me the reason why I was not able to complete my task with ‘dd’.
Seems like not all SD cards are created equal, not even from the same manufacturer and same brand. The issue that I was getting was that the target card seems to have a few less bytes. ApplePi Baker let me know that this was an issue, something I never saw with ‘dd’. Copying to a larger card worked well also.