How do you configure the La Marzocco plugin?

Man, this software is so unintuitive and unhelpful and confusing. The instructions for this thing are so out of date and wonky that it does not even translate to the application. It says to go to a screen called Integrations which does not exist, and then add La Marzocco which I do, but then after the restart it never prompts me for the login information, and clicking on the plugin itself to configure it in the list just opens up this ridiculous HACS wiki page

I am genuinely confused, how do you even use this thing?

How do you access the credentials screen? These instructions are truly hideous, this is open source at its absolute worst

If you click either of these things, it just opens a WIKI page. WHY? Common sense dictates you click it and it should open a configuration screen. Where is even a configuration option?

I click the La Marzocco plugin and it shows me this, instead of actual usable configuration:

Honestly one of the most confusing apps I’ve ever used in my life, what a headache