How do you download/share from media browser on mobile?

I’m running HAOS with Frigate and a couple of cameras. I get notifications on my phone which lead me to the clip.

I can also view clips in the media browser.

But how can I download these to my mobile device (Android) and share them via WhatsApp or anything else?

There doesn’t appear to be a download button anywhere in Frigate or the Home Assistant media browser UI (just ‘playback speed’).

What I’d like it a share button to make it really simple.

Any ideas? I’ve only seen a couple of (dead) posts about it on the forum, with no resolution.

The simplest way would be to use the mobile app, see docs here, otherwise you would probably need to setup samba share connect to the media folder directly.

Mobile App Screenshot

Right, except that I am using the app and there is no download option on clips in the media browser, only “Playback Speed”.

There is now a download option when viewing a clip directly from a notification but that’s not too useful.

There are no options in the Frigate addon so I don’t know where your screenshot is from.

The screenshot is from the mobile app on Android, are you using iOS?, maybe it’s different, but when I go to events for a particular camera and click on the thumbnail, I have the options to download clip or snapshot.

Weird. It works when I follow that path. I wonder if I was running an old version.


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Ok I’ve checked again and—while I see this interface—the buttons do nothing…