How do you get a badge to show if a HA update is available?


Can anyone tell me how to get a badge to appear if there’s an update for HA available? I have missed a couple until I was checking something and had to go back to the old front end using /states. I then remembered how useful this badge was! It’s late but I don’t think I know how to do it. Do I need to create an update sensor as I don’t have anything like that in my list of entities?

Sorry if it’s a silly question. I did search before I posted but didn’t find anything.

just add updater.updater as a badge

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Well, that was easy. For some reason, I scrolled through my list last night looking for that very thing but couldn’t see it. Tired eyes perhaps. Thank you!

np :wink:
was looking for the same thing last week.
it shows as not found when there’s no update but i’m ok with that

I have updater.updater in my badge section. It works sometimes but most of the time it displays not found.


Is there a better way to display the updater badge?

I get this when there isn’t an update available. I’m sure there must be a more elegant way of doing this - but I’ve got used to this badge sitting up top in one of two states. Can you put badges in cards? I remember thinking maybe I could put this in a conditional entity lovelace card but I think it didn’t work (or maybe I got distracted).