How do you get rid of Room Assistant

I have uninstalled Room Assistant, but MQTT still picks it up as Docker container starts up.
How do I find out whats there and how do I get rid of it?

Sounds like the topics are retained. Goto dev tools–services—mqtt publish-- enter the topic you want to delete with a blank message and publish it.

Or you can use MQTT Explorer and delete it there.

what is mqtt explorer? is that a separate integration to the mosquito?

It is an mqtt client

I 2nd MQTT Explorer, it can not be recommended enough. It is an invaluable tool for anything MQTT.

How do I get it on HA? Or its a standalone?
I now have another issue - my vacuuming script stopped working =( I can see HA sending command, but get no response. Work just few hours ago and I have not installed anything