How do you get the node_id for an entity on zwavejs?

I’ve seen snippets calling get_state for atttribute = node_id. However, it doesn’t seem to be working for me; it’s always None. I suspect that my trouble is related to zwavejs differences in attributes, in that it really doesn’t have a lot of attributes listed in the dev tools for each entity.

Anyone know how I can get the node_id or entity_id from an entity, in appdaemon, when using zwavejs?

If all you want is the node id, go to the zwave js integration, click the configure button and on the next window, click on the devices button. That will give you the list of devices. Pick one and click the button. The node is is displayed there.

I need to find the node_id dynamically within appdaemon. When a zwavejs event (like centralscene) is fired, it’s fired into every app that subscribes to the event, I need to filter the events by the node_id or entity_id I’m actually interested in.

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Switched over to netdaemon because, well, I love C# and .NET. Still in beta but very stable and the authors are very responsive. I wish I’d known about it sooner because it’s awesome.