How do you guys handle multiple Alexa's?

So in the last few weeks i have spent some time in order to get all of my components recognized and properly working with hassio… I am starting to create some flows in node red that can be voice activated. I am still learing but the most difficult part is over i believe.

Example : Alexa turn on netflix the following happens : if my tv is turned off it turns it on waits a few seconds then switches to my roku hdmi input in the meantime the roku opens the netflix app and the lights turn into a comfortable scene depending the time of the day … All great stuff to be honest.

But know i am having some difficulties… we live in a house with multiple alexa devices so i made some groups in order that they wont interfiere at all with each other… the problem is that by exposing this flows to alexa i will lose the abilities to turn on and off the lights in the bedrooms since i believe all of the flows are exposed to alexa as an emulated Philips hue bulb … And if i don’t include it in the group if i talk to the echo that is way downstairs and say turn on netflix it will trigger the thing in my room…

The main goal for this is to include each room with voice commands for things like that , powering on and off tvs , opening apps in the roku and stuff …i can think of many things to play with but i need to figure out this issue first.

How are you guys dealing with this situations???

while ago i did a patch to expose the alexa “device id” on the requests. You may find it here:

I should do it properly and submit a PR to the official component…

Woow thats sounds like a good plan… however i am using Node red with the alexa.local addon dont know if this is possible with that… I prefer the visual stuff sice i cant code for shit but thanks for the reply and i will take a loot at the thread for deeper possibilities.

I was wondering if there is a way to expose our custom components to Alexa without envolving a light or a switch that way I can achieve full room controll and keeping lights on or off commands available for the family

i would like to use your patch to use device id, but I don’t know how to do, can you help me please?