How do you hide a script from the UI card?

I tried hide_entity but that just gave me an error.

You should just need to use
hide_entity: true

There is a link in the question that might help.

I tried that. The config check failed. This is in my scripts file

  hide_entity: true <——— causes config check to fail
    - service: shell_command.temporarily_disable_pihole
    - service: script.turn_off
      entity_id: script.temporarily_disable_pihole

You can’t hide the script like that. You can customize it to hide it generally, or simply not add it to any group that’s displayed.

I tried this (customize.yaml) and it passes the config check, but it’s still displayed

  friendly_name: shut your pie hole
  hide_entity: true

I also tried hidden but that too made no difference

Did you read the customize docs? Particularly the warning box at the bottom?

Yes, but I would think that a restart would make that moot. Is it not the case?

Not sure, as I don’t restart after changing customize. I just toggle the state of the entity if it’s got a control.

  hidden: true
  hidden: true

in customize.yaml works :slight_smile:

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I think I got it.

I was getting a message about customize.yaml wasn’t configured properly and couldnt be read from configuration.yaml. I renamed the file customize.old and used the UI to set the value to hidden. Then I copied my old configs over.

Magic thank you.