How do you inconspicuously mount your motion sensors?

I just bought a bunch of Screek mmWave sensors and they require a wire. My solutions so far are not subtle. How do you mount yours so they aren’t distractingly obvious?

I guess it depends on your physical layout. I bought a whole bunch of their 1U sensors, very happy with them but they need to plug into a 5 volt power source, USB port being the most common. Find some wall plugs that have USB connectors in them as well, I’ve painted the enclosures the same color as the various backdrops.

I have an aqara FP1 under my bath and it has no problem detecting presence through the plastic material that the bath and side panel are made of.

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I use these, mounted in the ceiling. You can barely see them.

Look similar to these, but there is a price difference!

I have one of those as well, not currently installed as it seems a bit dodgy. It’s been sitting on my work bench for months and often shows ‘detected’ when there is no one in the shed and it’s completely locked…

Bugger, I have two that I haven’t tried yet.

Ya gets what ya pays for.

what company is that? cant really find a lot of info on their business, other than their distributor network Company Branch – MOES
talking about inconspicuously :wink:

Then there is :slight_smile:
Those buggers have bluetooth builtin, so you just need a +5V and a GND to get them working, no need for an ESP, and it’s detected by HA automagically…

My solution was to embed the mmWave (in my case but you could easily use PIR) sensor into a consumer nightlight that happens to have a USB power supply that’s easily tapped internally and with enough room that an ESP module along with sensor fits inside it. Totally hidden and inconspicuous as you can get:


SparkyDave, how do these sensors work for you in HA? I could not seem to find any confirmation that these are supported and expose their features. Thanks in advance!

I’d erect an S.E.P field around it. An S.E.P. can run almost indefinitely on a 9 volt battery, and is able to do so because it utilises a person’s natural tendency to ignore things they don’t easily accept,

They work great in HA via ZHA (make sure you buy the ZigBee version, not WiFi)

Ah great! Thanks for the update!