How do you keep ariela awake?

I am using Ariela as a sensor for when I am on the phone, but if I haven’t used the Ariela app in a while, it doesn’t update the sensors until I open the app. I already have allow background running checked as well as a power saving exception for the app, and I’m not sure what more I can do to keep it running. I just need that one sensor active.

Anyone know what else I can do to keep the app active and pushing sensor info? Thanks!

Ariela isn’t a built in integration. So what integration are you using to connect it?

I have no idea. How do I check that? I just installed Ariela, logged in, and the sensor I wanted to use showed up in my automation creator.

Ah, it’s a custom app. I suggest you make a post on the github repo for said app.

I see now it is a Mobile App integration.

And I posted this message in the Ariela for Android category, did I not?

You did, from the looks of it, it seems like this hasn’t been updated in some time (~8 months). Also not sure if many people still use it with the release of the official app.

Was just trying to get you faster help.

Ah I see. Thanks