How do you rollback Supervisor Version?


The latest supervisor version. (supervisor-2021.02.6) has broken an add-on I use.
While the developer fixes the add-on, it would be useful to roll back to the previous supervisor version.
Is this possible?
How do I do it ?

p.s. The issue was due to lack of config schema.

At the home assistant CLI:

ha supervisor update --version=2021.02.5

Have the same issue. Latest Supervisor kills the PAI add-on. This command however killed the Supervisor. UI errors appeared when trying to access Supervisor. After a server restart, Supervisor was back at 2021.02.6.

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Same issue here with PAI addon since last supervisor update :frowning:

Not sure why, but can’t downgrade supervisor.


I also tried Core, but that worked via backup>restore [did not try via CLI]

That’s correct, you can’t.