How do you stop GPIO pins going high low on a configuration restart

so ever 3 configuration restarts of HA it triggers my Ardunino
on there i have a routine to create a Mometary switch

so OFF ON OFF to simulate you pressing a mometary switch

but each time i reboot 3 times or restart configuration it will go HIGH each time i guess

and i have used
invert_logic: false

but it doesnt matter because HA still triggers the GPIO and all it does is triggers it opposite direction
so no matter what you do it Triggers GPIOS

how do i say like i could with Raspbarian on a reboot GPIO Low=13 as example id configure it in rc.local
so each time you boot up pi it makes ure GPIO is set low not high

how do i do that in HA i cant find it under GPIO to set it to LOW so it cant trigger the GPIO ever

im also using the RPI 4 4GB version if that matters

Make sure you are using a GPIO that is listed as “down” in the “Pull” columns of this table:

That is the state the GPIO will be on boot.

ok so im using GPIO 23 says down
so i need to change it to a like GPIO8 to up
so that way it cant trigger the switch then
and then do i rem out invert_state: false

ill try that now and see how it works… thank you been driving me nuts for a while

If you are already using a GPIO that is pull down on boot and your device triggers on an active high signal, then this is not your issue.

Could be an issue with the GPIO integration.

oh? isnt a Pull down like a Set High

so how my Ardunino works is setup as a Push Button Mometary
So LOW for OFF and HIGH for ON
so be like
LOW HIGH LOW = 1 press of a Button (Released, Press Button, Release Button)

and basiclly each time i restart HA

is like
Restart HA ===>then HOlds Button Down (Goes High)
Restart HA ====> releases Button and activates Ardunio
Restart HA ====> Holds Button Down again
Restart HA =====> Releases Button and deactivates Ardunio

basiclly is whats going on

i didnt try it yet… so is Pull down LOw or High?

so if that doesnt fix my issue what would it be then

Pull down is low. So this is not your issue.

oh well that bites

and how i have it wired is. Gnd wire from Arduino ground to Raspberry Pi GND
and i run a wire from GPIO Arduino to GPIO Raspberry Pi
just just a direct wire with a Resister in between