How do you style group header sections in the new tables?

I am trying to style the new Group Headers in automation etc in the new table views to be bigger so I can actually see them but I am having a bit of trouble. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? I am using Card Mod

According to their wiki, I need to just target the div:
My Theme file (aka skynet_dark_v2):

  card-mod-theme: skynet_dark_v2
  card-mod-view: |
    .group-header {
      font-weight: 800;
      font-size: 18px;
      color: #FFC10A;

Maybe @thomasloven can provide an example cause I am sure a lot of people would now would love to style those sections :slight_smile:

Big thanks in advance

…Anyone … anyone?

According to the wiki, card-mod-view will only style elements that are sat under the hui-view element. I think you’re out of luck here, as that group-header class isn’t under hui-view.

Yeah you might be right, wish there was some sort of theme support to style those areas.