How do you upgrade Zwave sticks without rebuilding entire network?

I have a Aeotec Gen5 Zwave stick and want to upgrade to their S7 stick. Is it possible to do this painlessly or do I have to rebuild the entire Zwave network with each device?

Yes it is possible. Zwavejs2mqtt supports converting the NVR backup off the stick between ZWave chip versions (500 > 700 And even the other way now.)

Before you start theres a nasty bug affecting all 700 based sticks that causes dead nodes on very active networks. Update your 700 stick firmware to ensure it has at Least revision 17.2 if the SiliconLabs ZWave firmware. It may not eliminate the issue but it makes things MUCH better.

There are ways to do the migration from ZWaveJS as well but i do not have those instructions

In Zwavejs2mqtt
Use the Zwavejs2mqtt console to perform an NVR backup. (this is the contents of your ZWave network)
Turn off websockets and/or MQTT in Zwavejs2mqtt settings (prevents discovery of your devices in HA and therefore prevents your devices themselves from being horked up while you do the maintenance and fire up a ZWave coordinator with no network on it)
While you’re here make absolutely sure you have a copy of your various ZWave security keys saved somewhere.
Power down the system with the USB stick
Swap sticks
Reconfigure Zwavejs2mqtt to use the new stick address.
(may need a restart Zwavejs2mqtt depending on if you need to reconfigure)
Restore NVR (same place the backup was)
Restart Zwavejs2mqtt
Verify your devices come back (node 1, the stick, may still have the old device name at this point. its ok… Itll likely resolve itself in the next restart)
Resstore your discovery settings to previous (MQTT and / or Websockets)
Restart Zwavejs2mqtt one last time.


Is this NVR or NVM? In other words, which one of these options?

As long as I backup the 4 values here, right?

Nvm, happy typo… and yes.

So finally got all the way through this after much pain in how many steps there were!

I updated my Aeotec Z-Wave Stick 7 to latest silicon labs firmware and then did the entire NVM backup and restore process as you had given pointers on.

Good news is after I did the ZWavejs2mqtt restart, all the nodes came back!
Back news is many nodes are listed as “dead” while some are healthy.

I then tapped “Ping” on the dead devices and many reported healthy suddenly! Huzzah!

Unfortunately some devices are listed as dead regardless of pings…

UPDATE: After 24 hours, all the devices have come back and reported as healthy or now sleeping. Must be related to those devices being battery devices so they needed to wake up on their schedule to check back into with the controller. In hindsight, I could have sped this up by going to each node and waking it up.

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Is there a way with Z-Wave JS on HA to create a backup as well?
I would like to create a backup for risk mitigation.
Thank you.

No, only Z-Wave JS UI supports NVM backups.