How do you use Same Voice Message "Turn On Light" for each room

so i dont wanna say

turn on living room light
turn on basement room light
turn on kids 1 room light
turn on kids 2 room light

if im in kids room 1 i should be able to say
“turn on light” and it would turn on that area light

and if i in the living room and say “turn on light” it turns on the living room light

and if i in the basement all i have to say is “turn on light”

i thought you could do automations but there is no condition for “area” location
there is zone location but u cant link Esp32 microphone to a Zone as i made a zone for each bedroom

so esp1 mic Zone Kids Bedroom 1
so when you say “Turn on Lights” turns on Kids bedrrom 1 Light

so esp2 mic Zone Kids Bedroom 2
so when you say “Turn on Lights” turns on Kids bedrrom 2 Light

how can i do that or is it not able to do that yet

so it be like star trek

you walk into a room and just say turn on the lights or set light to 60%

your not saying from the bridge turn on bedroom 540 lights on set bedroom 5600 lights to 60%

as example

as right now i have to say the whole word of the light switch
like turn on kids bedroom 1 light
turn on living room light…

thats fine and daddy when your out of the room but when your in the room just “turn on light” should be good enough not a whole sentence

2nd question
and my second question

when you have a big room room and want to have say 5 microphones in 1 room how do you make HA pick up the strongest mic and not over lap the other with conflicts

We give individual names to lights or light groups. Where a less used light uses a common name, I use the Room/Light name. Lights off is easy (by room name).

BR: Blue, Tiffany, Globe
Den: Desk, Floor, Globe
LR: Corner, Window, Torch, Ceiling
Adam BR: Nightstand, ChromaGlobe
Kitchen: Kitchen (group), Cafe (group)
Loo: Wife bath with light called “Mary”
John: My bath with light called “Johnny”
etc., etc.

There’s no perfect solution for us, so we adapt or settle where we must (or until a brilliant notion strikes out of the blue).

While everything is in HA, I still use HomeKit to control devices by voice (no advice to give).

ah ok… ya like i have a long one
like for my garage is garage three way light switch
thats the name so i found i have to say
turn on garage three way light switch
but i i could try groupd


turn on hello
and that would turn on a light in that specific bedroom

ya wasnt sure if it couldnt be done yet easily…

yet if no automations for Area… ill have to post a feature request maybe …
but ill try your idea anyways for the time being

and or is the area awarness something thats built in… you just set the esp32 to bedroom 1 and the light to bedroom 1 area and all you have to say is turn on the light…