How does a default HA installation interact with the internet?

Hey everyone,
After the recent vulnerability disclosure, and after realising that notifications to the android companion app get sent through Google firebase, I was trying to find an overview of all the different places where a HA instance does interact with the Internet. The architecture diagrams I found in the dev docs are not helping there, but maybe I missed something?

What I think I identified so far:

  • regular calls to the github repos of HA and integrations to check for updates (and to pull the actual update packages)
  • webservice calls for weather forecasts and other API-based infos
  • RESTful sensors
  • usage stats (if allowed aka switched on)
  • polling integrations like the telegram bot
  • notifications to the android app via firebase
  • …?

I’m mostly interested in the not so obvious cases. That a web-based weather forecast requires interaction with the outside world is clear, but i was a bit bummed out that my fully local HA instance (no NC, no vpn,…) sends notifications through a Google service to notify my HA app when I sit on my couch at home.

Which other non-obvious web connections are there?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Anything that’s cloud pull/push?