How does a person contact "System Admin" at this site

Looking around. Do not see a way to actually contact someone known as “system admin”.

I think it would be nice to be able respond to comments or other things but see no way to directly contact anyone.

This is a forum. You can respond to posts by clicking Reply. If you want to contact the moderators about a post, click on the three dots at the bottom, then the “something else” option.

OK. Which one of these after clicking the three dots is “something else” …

Or are you are saying it is only allowed for the original post and not the responses? Or admin actions are allowed only for the creator?

Just to put context against the question … I had two responses from long ago marked as “off topic”. Fine. I deleted them, but the first comment was that the entire post is really not relevant. Somehow, they no longer like my answer (long time ago … lol). I just deleted them. But I thought about it.

They were relevant and should be to many, maybe not the OP.

Now we have all lost that because someone named “sys admin” marked it with a choice to edit or delete it. So wow. OK.

I am not happy. But maybe I am nobody. But I am about to take this somewhere else as I have no chance to respond. I am pretty sure I am not nobody but you judge …


Maybe I am just not relevant enough. I don’t know.

It really is a simple question. Yes I know its a forum. My stats should prove that.
How do I respond to things that are wrong that come from “sys admin”?

If the answer is you can’t, they have control … so be it. Then I can decide what I will contribute from now on. It certainly will not match the above stats.

What you will get is posts to tell people something and no attempt anymore to help people. If that is what someone named “sys admin” wants … great. That is their choice.

Click on the Groups link in the left hand menu under “More”, select the group you want to see the members of (Admin, Moderators, etc…). You should then be able to pick one to message.

Only contact Admins for issues with the forum software or your account.

Only contact moderators for moderation issues. There’s no guarantee the moderator you pick to contact will be on-line any time soon so it is best to use the post flagging button under the post with the issue. That way all moderators see it.

For issues with forum admins or moderators contact the Social Media Manager, MissyQ Use the Users option under ‘More’ in the left hand menu to search for her, she’s also in the Admin group.

If you click on the flag icon in that list then in the window that pops-up will be the “something else” option.