How does "Android find my devices" work? Is an integration possible?

I can’t find anything what is possible or if we can use it, but if someone smarter than me finds something then it would be a nice addition to HA.

I know where my phone and my Partners phone is at all times… (Via HA)
You should change this from an [FR] to something else…

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I’m thinking, the TO means the functionallity provided by google to make use of the “find my phone” features, such as reset, ring a tone - or something like that… ?

But I am not sure, if Google does expose such features with their API’s

Find my devices is a new service soon to be/or just been released where you can find your earbuds or tags similar to how AirTags work.
This has “nothing” to do with the phone or its location.

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So you mean this: Locate Devices and Accessories With Find My Device | Android?
Might have been good to have this link in the original FR?

I read an article about it and then didn’t think much of it.
Then I realized that could be good in HA and I couldn’t find the article again.

Found a documentation/help article at Google though.

You could use Tasker to do something similar: when a specific message/notification is received, Tasker can turn-on GPS, make the phone ring, etc. Then you could send the notice via HA.

Am also interested in this, mostly for location tracking. The HA app is wonderful, but GPS tracking kills my phone battery. The new “find my device” android network shouldn’t require additional battery and still provide a pretty accurate location. Hoping google has an API!

I am very interested, especially as I think this service by Google might even be more powerful than the current “Find my” service by Apple, with their iTags.
Chipolo is one of the first providers selling devices for ~30 EUR.
I have not found anything on an external API by Google.
But it might exist, though unfortunately even Google sometimes does not release APIs for sich critical areas.
Let’s see what comes up, but I’d love to see an integration , if at all possible.


There is a tool which can remotely ring your phone, enable the camera or reset the device completely.

This would be an interesting addition as multiple companies are already producing products for it: Chippolo and Pebble. Also, Motorola will soon reduce a product for this. It would also be reasonable to expect google to release products for this, since it is their service.

Applications would be Animal tracking, motion sensors/room sensors to set off automations. Also, could place on vehicles to set off automations more accurately based on zones.

Shouldn’t we at least establish what functions we’re talking about here??? :wink:

You do know your way around this forum, can’t you make that FR a little more informative and describe what functions you’d like to see implemented? And for what you want to use this? Thanks! :wink: :slight_smile:

And depending on what your wishes are, could you give us some links on how these things should work.

I know not much about the new function, but for what I understand, it is to locate BT devices. Tracking of these is already possible and wouldn’t need an integration for “fmd”.

That would leave us with the “non-local” functions, where other phones find a device (eg. in case of theft). This could be useful, but where and how would one use that? :slight_smile:

That is the whole reason for this thread.
What is possible? Is it possible?
How should I explain something that had not even gone public and I can’t find any documentation about

Oh really?
Can you explain how you make someone else’s phone track your earbuds you lost in the park?
Obviously without an integration as you say.

As someone else said:

Then you shouldn’t have made it a “Feature request”, you should have made a topic out of it, where you ask your questions.

Thanks, for pointing this out, I moved your topic and changed the title. :slight_smile:

Isn’t configuration meant for you know… configuration?

If you want it moved somewhere else, just say it… :wink:

I think there is confusion over this, comments like “you don’t know where your phone is?”, proves the confusion.

We are not talking about “find my devices”, or at least I was not.

I am talking about google’s “Find my device” which is on androids and works with Airtag like devices: currently from pebblebee and Chippola, soon motorola, and likely google in the future.

And how or for what would you like to use this function? I honestly can’t imagine what to use it for in my HA installation? :slight_smile:

In my home I can track BT devices so I wouldn’t need the detour over Android/Google. If I track something “non-home”, eg. my bag with my tracker was stolen, what information could I need to show in HA?

In my imagination, if my bag is stolen, I don’t need the info at home, where my HA is, I need it right there on my phone, to search for it, or to call the police. :thinking:

Really, this is a genuine question. :laughing:

Just like everything else.
Most of us want it in one app. You might differ.
If we get the a device tracker in HA of that bag then we can easily go get it without installing another app.
If I get the device tracker in HA that means I have it on my phone.

Everyone has asked for a long battery life tracking device with decent accuracy, and this will be it.
Unless they go the route apple did and lock everything down.

These tags can also be used to track children that is not yet old enough for phones when they go to school.