How does direct binding work

I don’t quite understand how direct binding is supposed to work. I am on version 90 and have a Tradfri Dimmer and a Tradfri bulb. I have been able to pair both devices. The bulb can be controlled and the dimmer shows up as it should. But I don’t find where I can bind the two. Can anyone send a screenshot? As of version 90 this should be possible according to the release notes.

Zero instructions. The best part is the list of devices I am able to bind to my remote are all identical names. This feature was not ready for primetime if nobody can even bother to write some brief docs for it.

Yeah a lot of ZHA stuff isn’t really ready yet. But I’m very grateful about the work being done on ZHA. Could you make a Screenshot of your list?

Ditto on being grateful that they’re finally cleaning it up. You can’t really tell because the dropdown is cut off, but all the devices are identical. I submitted a bug report already and they’ll be looking into it.

With the latest release direct binding works for tradfri dimmers! Awesome! Thanks @dmulcahey (and whoever else was involved :wink:)

How does binding work? I have a zigbee bulb, a zigbee remote, both ae paired with HA, and now? Within the zigbee remote, I select the bulb as a bindable device and click “bind”? And what do I do with the 3 selector keys (“1”,“2”,“3”)? After binding, I can control the bulb with the remote?

Yes thats how it works. I know the feedback from the UI is not very helpful. You don’t know if it worked until you try. I only have the rotary remote (which I don’t recommend), so I don’t know about the buttons.