How does Home Assistant Installation work on Hyper-V Virtual Machines?

So I’m relatively new to Home Assistant. I don’t know much coding either as it’s been about 10 years since I was seriously doing any coding. Anyways as a test I decided to use this website Windows - Home Assistant to install home assistant on a virtual machine. I used the Hyper-V option and predownloaded a .vdhx image of HA. I ended up getting everyhing set up including my login name and home zone. Even though this was a test to see how HA works, I’ve come to realize it’s impractical running a Hyper-V Virtual machine on my Asus Zephryus G14 laptop. I can’t seem to edit the .yaml file as I can’t access it on the virtual machine. I have no clue how to install HACS as the home assistant image disk is not running on top of anything. Also I messed up the zoning and can’t change it.

So after setting up my login. Is my login information stored on the image disk of the virtual machine where the Home Assistant database is at? I have no clue if my login credentials and zoning is stored on the cloud somewhere when I first did my setup. What happens if I just hard delete the .vdhx (Virtual hard Disk) and the virtual machine? Does the login information get erased or something? If i were to start from scratch could I use the same username and password or would they be locked out? I kind of want to start over as the original setup was done late at night and me not thinking it over. Also it’s eating up hard drive space on my laptop’s C drive.

Frankly I’ve been jumping in blindly with least optimal setup for HA setup. P.S. I never installed Home Assistant Core. I stopped after setting up onboarding.

delete it and its like nothing happened. if you have any integrations or addons you want backup to google drive with this guy’s integration

the username and password are stored locally unless youre using nabu casa.

Sounds like you want to delete the Virtual machine image and start over. follow these instructions from Rob on the Hookup. It says for migrating from raspi to virtural machine but he gives instruction on how to setup a good virtural setup. Ive been using it a while now.