How does script.voice_notify works? Can I use Alexa for voice notification?

I seen in some shared automations that people are using “script.voice_notify” . What is it exactly and how is it works?

Maybe it is a different topic, but can I use Alexa for voice notifications? E.g. notify me (without asking) if the battery in my device is low.

For example where I seen “script.voice_notify” used:

      - service: script.voice_notify
          value1: "Attention! {{ trigger.to_state.attributes.friendly_name }} level is: {{ trigger.to_state.state }}%."

Thank you!

You can use that script for voice notifications using any supported media_player. Unfortunately, Alexa does not support notifications (yet).

The script is on this page in the repository you linked to…

He’s using ifttt for his notifications.

Ohhh, I am blind, it was right front of my nose… Thank you for the link!

Wondering if I could connect a bluetooth speaker to my computer and using gstreamer via that speaker for voice notifications. I am running HA in a Ubuntu virtual machine under Hyper V.

Any of you using voice notificaions? What do you use? Thanks for sharing!