How does the Open Window Detection replikating with Home Assistant


I just got around this topic:

The main thing is that the tado thermostat uses sudden changes in temperature or humidity to detect if a window is open and switches off for a while to save energy.

Oke this can be replicated in HA whit automation.
I’m Thinking if the temperature drops ex. 5° in 5 minutes stop the heating for 10 minutes in the specific room.

After that, it will start back automatically again.

What do you think about this automation, eventual do you have some reference points, 3° instead of 5° or 2 minutes instead of 5 minutes.

I just mounted some cheap door/window sensors to each door/window leading to the outside.

I use window sensors too. When a window has been open for longer than 1 minute the thermostat will shut down. When the window is closed the thermostat will heat again.
This only happens when the thermostat was heating in the first place.

I tried this with temperature changes too but this wasn’t always reliable.

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