How get google home user id within homeassistant

I cant get GAssistant user id within HA. I want make actions based on user id.
Got some info based on the command:
However im no beeing able to implement.

Also before HA auth, it goes through nabucasa API. Not sure if i need get user id from homegraph API.

Van some one help ?

Thank you!


That context is for the Home Assistant user, not the GA one. There is no way to get the information you’re after.

Thank you. One way would be get the user info on the moment of the auth process ?
May be using py script ?
I remembered the auth goes firsf through Nabucasa API.
Im wonder how other providers do This? some special programming within their https auth server?

Perhaps the context can be used as GA user neeed auth on HA to send a switch command?

Google doesn’t report the information you’re after. There’s no way to get it. You don’t even get to know which Google device handled it.