How Home Assistant Core works

I have installed Home Assistant Core and it works fine in the python virtual environment, but the question is if it is necessary to have the bash terminal open, because if I exit it and close it, homeassistant no longer works.

It is to know how this topic works.

Thanks for the answers.

Try this

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After reading that I should use systemd, I searched the internet, and I fixed it in the following way.

Create a file sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/[email protected] and put the following content in it.

Description=Home Assistant mosquitto.service



Then enable and start the services, in that order.

systemctl enable [email protected]
systemctl start [email protected]

Thanks Kdem, for showing me the way.

Hi, be aware that with Core it might be hard to get some things working and if you progress on building/extending your system, it might have not been the best option.

Just saying, use Core too!

Yes, thank you for your notice.
I have read it and I take it into account.
But it is not an installation for a third party, but rather they are things that I do self-taught.
Doing things is always positive and they are challenges.

I agree!

The reason I went with Core was because of the tiny footprint in a container on Proxmox.

A few days ago I have managed to get Whisper running, which is not that straightforward with Core.
Didn’t think, at first, that I would ever use it but never say never.
Now, I have some nice, and also practical TTS notifications.

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I have four installations around:

Core on a Linux Mint server in venv (everyday machine for my home)
Flashed Chromebox with HassOS (everyday machine at remote location)
Flashed Old Laptop with HassOS (just 'cause I wanted to try it)
Home Assistant Green (everyday machine with cameras and gate controller at remote location)

In reality, I really do prefer Core on Linux Mint.
But then again, I had an extra gaming machine from my son with huge disk storage and tons of memory. It houses some other projects I do also (databases, dev for websites, etc.).

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