How i can change language of darksky?

Hello where i can find api of darksky? I dont find in hassio.

It seems currently it is not possible, as the underlying library does not support the Language parameter:

@namadori i find one solution for translate it for my language
i make it

friendly_name: ‘Ceu’
value_template: >
{%- if is_state(‘sensor.dark_sky_summary’, ‘Partly Cloudy’) -%}
Céu Parcialmente Nublado
{%- elif is_state(‘sensor.dark_sky_summary’, ‘Clear’) -%}
{%- elif is_state(‘sensor.dark_sky_summary’, ‘rain’) -%}
{%- endif -%}

That’s a great solution for the short state. :+1:

I was thinking about the long summary description, e.g. “Light rain throughout the week, with temperatures bottoming out at 48°F on Sunday.” This is too complex and variable to be translated with templates, can be requested in many languages via the Dark Sky api ( , but it seems that the Lang parameter was not implemented in the python library.

@namadori the other solution is that DarkSky forecast language, other than english but i have running HA throught Hassio and not is possible edit Api. On hassbian is it possible because i tried it before and works fine.

To edit the libraries in Hassio you can try to follow the instructions in this post: Modify external pip libraries

Still haven’t tried, but it should work. I don’t know if the changes will survive across updates.

It also seems that the changes to the original library has already been implemented, but the owner did not merged the PR.

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