How i connected my midea AC to HA (for beginnerslike me)

first, sorry about my English, heavy ADHD… and no native English speaker.
(from Israel)

for connect the midea ac to your HA there is two ways (I found):
must for both:

  1. if you dont know how to access the HA files:

  2. install HACS (very easy)

way 1. via the midea account (not fully working):


not worked for me, after few hours there was login error (i trayed ro reinstall, not working too)

way 2. via LAN (fully working) but harder to set up…:

if you dont know:
learn the what is IP address and MAC address (good to know)
download angry ip scanner
and scan your home network.
how do you know whech is the midea?..
in angrey ip add to the columns “MAC vendor”

and scan agin, now you will see the mac vendor “GD Midea Air-Conditioning Equipment” its the midea!!!

you can see the mac address of the device now (mac addres is Permanent)

you need to set the ip of the device to static ip (So that it does not change in another week) because ip is dynamic in default.

every router is different , call you ISP (internet service provider) for help if you dont know how to set static ip for device.

after you have the static id of the device install in the HACS
and follow the instruction (not hard)

good luck


Thanks, i guess this is both for Midea Blanc and Midea Mission A/Cs right? i don’t believe they have a difference.

which midea do you have ?