How I managed to get old X10 devices working with

G’day all
I have been working on a project for a bloke who has been doing home automation since the beginning, and he still has a lot of old X10 equipment (as well as Sonoff devices for his new stuff), and wanted to use them with a modern setup, so he could use Google Assistant with them. I used an Insteon Hub (the first generation one, not the second generation one that lacks X10 support) to provide an interface to the X10 devices and I used this website to generate commands :

I then used this config to generate a switch component for HASS to use

  - platform: command_line
        command_on: "curl -X GET http://[IP ADDRESS]:25105/3?02636600=I=3 ; sleep 0.5 ; curl -X GET http://[IP ADDRESS]:25105/3?02636280=I=3"
        command_off: "curl -X GET http://[IP ADDRESS]:25105/3?02636600=I=3 ; sleep 0.5; curl -X GET http://[IP ADDRESS]:25105/3?02636380=I=3"
        friendly_name: Test Lamp

After this, I successfully managed to interface ancient X10 devices into HASS.IO. The next project I will have to try and do is to learn how to get lamp dimming to work.


Nice work mate :slight_smile:
No X10 devices at my places, but good to see we don’t need to throw the old bits out!