How install in home assistant?

Hello !
I want to install in an existing home assistant installation. it’s possible ? how ?
thanks from argenitna.

Just install it on a device and copy all of the config files

Yeah, you can’t install on top of Home Assistant. It doesn’t work like that.

What are you running HA on now?

As above you would need to copy all your config files from the HA folders and then install and paste them into the new HA ( folders. It should just work by rebooting but obviously check the config first in the settings to check for any errors.

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If you want hassio, you need to install hassio.

If you are running home assistant in docker or venv, you cannot add hassio to it.

The home assistant in hassio and other methods of running home assistant all provide the SAME home assistant. The only thing the hassio gives you differently is the add-ons which are extra applications outside of home assistant

hola como estan???

ante todo gracias por la ayuda…

luego de investigar mucho vi que realmente se puede hacer y de hecho lo logre hacer…

basicamnete instale hassbian, luego home assistant, y luego de eso utilice este turorial cambiando algunas cosas. con eso quedo perfecto.

Hello how are you???

first of all thanks for the help …

After researching a lot I saw that it can really be done and in fact I managed to do it …

basically install habian, then home assistant, and then use this turorial by changing some things. With that I look perfect.

If you install hassbian, then you have hassbian.

If you run that script, then you have hassio running on hassbian…

If you didn’t remove the hassbian service, then you have 2 conflicting installs. What you’ve done doesn’t make sense. Just install Raspbian, then follow the script installation.

Huh!? That makes no sense whatsoever!

As above. Hassbian is an OS with Home Assistant built in.

So using that as a base to install just makes zero sense.

Just install Rasbian Lite and then follow the instructions on the page to install on e generic Linux machine.