How Instant is the Update from Inovelli Switches & Dimmers?

I’m getting a bunch of the Inovelli dimmers and switches. I’m curious how “instant” are the Home Assistant updates.

I ask because I have several Z-Wave dimmers that support both the Hail and Association command classes.

That said, instant updates in HA are spotty. Not sure if it is because the dimmers are still old. It isn’t a matter of waiting for the dimmer to go to zero when turning off. Sometimes I can wait minutes after it is off before I get an update in HA.

For example, one of my dimmers is the Leviton VRMX1-1LZ Multilevel Scene Switch. This dimmer supports the hail command.

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@whoismoses are you asking how fast does an Inovelli switch/dimmer respond to a zwave action? In my setup the Inovelli devices have a near instant response. I have an Ikea zigbee button that when I click the light instantly toggles. In fact this is faster than pressing the physical Inovelli switch.

It has been 14 days since you posted and I am curious if you’ve already installed the switches and what is your experience?

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@thesodabar - Thanks for the response. What I’m curious about is how fast does home assistant notice the state change on the Inovelli switch/dimmer. For example, I turn off the switch at the wall, how soon does that reflect in the Home Assistant app?

My shipment was delayed. They now expect them all to be received by Inovelli from China this week and ship to me shortly after.

The response is very quick. I have wired my door sensors to set a LED notification on my Red Switch. When I open any exterior door the LED turns red right away, less than a second. When I close door the LED turns green for 10 seconds. I run this through HA via a zwave/zigbee USB stick. I’m not sure if a lag would exist with a hub but I am very happy with response.

Here is an example. Notice light changes to red when door opened, green when closed.

Nice, can’t wait.