How is “non fossil energy %” calculated?


Today, I enabled the new Energy feature. It’s awesome! I have my smart meter connected, as well as the inverter of my solar panels. And is course, I have enabled the CO2signal integration.

On the energy dashboard, there is a gauge showing the percentage “non fossil energy”. As I understand it, this is based on energymap, which has only one value for the county Inlive in. (The Netherlands) Since NL is dark orange on energy map, I don’t understand how the percentage shown on my dashboard can be ~ 93%, even if I take into consideration my solar panels. Unless HA magically figured out that I buy only green energy, but I guess there is no way HA van know that.

So: how is this percentage calculated? Can I view the values it is based on somewhere?

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From what I just researched, what happens is two items are independently determined:

  1. The amount of energy you have taken from the grid (as a time series)
  2. The percentage of grid energy that was produced from non-fossil fuels, in the smallest covered location on energy map that covers your location (as a time series)

Then it uses the former to lookup a percentage in the latter (for the same time period), and the non-fossil percentage is calculated. This means that it is only an estimate. In your case energymap only has a number for the whole country, in my case only for the whole state of California. Yet your particular grid energy may be produced differently. I am serviced by Silicon Valley Green Energy and all my grid energy is “green”, so my number should always be 100%, yet at the moment it is something like 60% (because that is the number averaged for all of California).

Hope that helps.

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I think that the formula would be:

(EnergySolar+EnergyNon-fossil CO2 signal - EnergySolar returned to grid)/EnergyHome total

The non-fossil energy is at national level for NL. You can get that only greener in case the CO2 signal would be specific for your energy provider.

Sorry to bump into this old post, but how does HA knows my specific energy provider?

It doesn’t.

It uses your location and gives a value based on you location and the generator / grid supply in your area. It’s a best efforts value, not supplier specific.