How is Tuya so bad?

2 years I have had a ticket open regarding my Tuya thermostats showing, current_temperature: null

No updates from developers, no suggestions, no work arounds, nothing.

Its a long time to wait, does anyone have any ideas? I see that @frenck gets tagged in the tickets, is he a developer? if so, is he still working on the project?

thanks for any help.

As long as someone from the HA team or some free soul decides to fix it, spends time to figure out how, puts the work in, and their fix is accepted to be published.

It’s an open source project. Not sure how much commercial one, but open source for sure.

It may never be fixed if nobody capable and willing takes care of it. Maybe you can :wink:

Hey, you can also ask Tuya to support HA (dummy joke, they won’t ;p don’t buy their products?).

Yes, and yes.

But take a look at the 2.6k issues and think in terms of prioritizing :wink:

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Damn, thats a lot of issue.

Thanks for your response, I will keep waiting lol

There’s also the fact that the Tuya API is awful so there may be nothing the devs can do. You really should take this advice:


With a small correction: there was a question mark at the end of my sentence → it was on purpose.

I personally buy Tuya products – just do a bit of research before and expect nothing :wink:

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Yeah, Tuya zigbee tends to be ok because they have a standard to follow (roughly). Wifi devices tend to be the issue.

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And they was fixed it how? You are probably not the only person with this question, so help them out.


I know other people are affected, but there isn’t much I can add here, they made some changes on there end, after it was all said and done, I asked how can we assist other HA users experiencing the same issue, and there response was, have them contact support and reference ticket# T202401120001

Tuya, are AWESOME!

Tuya engineer04-15 10:44:37

unfortunately, the customized data point can not be displayed on the home assistant The customized data point doesn’t support the feature you’re requesting, it may be available in the future. I understand that this may cause some inconvenience to you. we’re sorry for that . Thank you once again for your understanding and support.

Time to change my thermostats

data point being the temp the thermostat is supposed to be displaying…Tasmotize it!