How Lambda Alexa deals with a lamp?

I have lambda integration of Alexa into my HA and am purchasing two z-wave bulbs for the only two lamps I have in the house. One Alexa is in the master bedroom, the other in the family room and labeled as such. Each has a lamp. I know if I only had one lamp as I have a zigbee bulb now I can sit in the family room and say turn off lamp and it will turn off. But now I will have two lamps. Any way to turn off the lamp while in the room and just say Alexa, turn off lamp. AND any way to say to turn off the lamp in the family room if in another room?

Note I filter by include_entities and and only include what i want and have an entity_config for naming things for Alexa. Thoughts?



If you place an alexa into a group with the lamp, you can utter the phrase “alexa turn off lights” and she’ll turn off the lights that are grouped with the echo that heard the utterance.

EDIT: This is done all alexa side.

How about this. If I have the Z-Wave device setup in HA and have it set as the master bedroom along with the mater bedroom Alexa. In Amazon I have it setup grouped with the Alexa and the lamp as Master Bedroom devices. Then I say in the master bedroom “Alexa, turn off the lamp”. Do you think she would shut off the master bedroom lamp or I would have to exclusively say “Alexa, shut off the master bedroom lamp”? Remember I’ll have two lamps, one in the master and one in the family room.

You’d have to say “Alexa, shut off the master bedroom lamp" or “Alexa, turn off the lights”.