How large are updates and addons?

I recently moved to a new house, and I don’t have a real internet connection yet. Therefore I use my phone as my internet connection, but I’m on a quite limited data plan. Soon I’ll move to a different data plan that’ll give me 30 GB for 60 days, and after that I can hopefully get a nice fiber connection installed.

Before I moved I repurposed an old desktop computer into a server where I installed in a docker container. Unfortunately I didn’t install any addons, and I’m at version 0.86 of HA. (I previously lived in an apartment where I had an unlimited internet connection and a nice HA setup on a raspberry pi.)

Now I would like to update HA and install a few addons - mosquitto is the most important, NodeRed would be nice as well. Does anyone know approximately how large the HA updates are in mega-/gigabytes? And the addons? I’m still learning about docker and that stuff, so I’m not sure if it needs to download gigabytes of packages or how that works.

Thanks for any input!