How long after a device looses power will LocalTuya recognize it?

I am using a WiFi 2Gang Dimmer Module that is behind a photo eye to control some outdoor lighting. Since moving to LocalTuya the dimmer module does not come back online after the photo eye returns power to the dimmer. Is there a known value for how long a device can be offline before localtuya.reload needs to be run the notice the dimmer is available?
I can refactor the automations but as we are quickly approaching the solstice and my schedule being considered - I might just make a temp automation to reload the service periodically and then fully reconsider this when I add more outdoor automations in the summer.

I have already re-installed Local tuya with latest version and have 3.3 protocol

My globes spam my logs for weeks when they have been powered off by the switch. They usually come back online in local tuya when I turn the switch on.

Does the dimmer get a wifi connection when the sensor turns it back on?

Yes - it comes back on the wifi (and the Tuya App) when the power is restored. AP is close by. It happened while we were gone and there were some burglaries not far away so trying to get from “usually” to - “That’s not gonna happen again”. Mine also shows up in the logs but it shows up there during the day time due to the photo eye pulling the power.

I have looked at the timings and it is not clear that time is the sole determining factor. I have a log now and an automation to help track the unavailability when it is past dark so that might find an answer too. I’ve also found a couple other good reasons to just rid of the photo eye and hope the weather station is a reliable alternative