How long do your zigbee buttons last?

I have one of these 3 buttons that use cr2032.
I use it to control the ir for my aircon that is outside the room. Also lights, but usually that’s using voice/schedule.

I’m finding that I have to replace the button cell every 2-3 months. I must be pressing the button maybe five times a day or so? I assume it doesn’t use any energy on standby as it doesn’t need to receive anything.

Is this the normal lifespan of a button? It really gets a bit annoying changing it all the time.

Make sure the firmware in both the buttons and the zigbee controller is up to date. It should be more than that unless you’re pressing them dozens of times a day.

Interference, range and coverage also plays a big role with battery life as if reception is poor or you have interference then the device may need to retransmit the same message over and over again, so read and follow →

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Thanks. My room light is the closest zigbee relay. So it’s in the plaster wall but not so far away. As for interference I’m not sure. I also have a tuya zigbee hub in the room, because there’s stuff I can’t get off tuya onto z2m

You should also ensure the button is initially paired where it is going to live. If you paired it in another room, or when the light (or other powered zigbee device) was unavailable, it may have linked to another zigbee router. Some, Aqara in particular, don’t switch to a better/closer router when it becomes available.

I have buttons where the battery has lasted well over a year - although I’m not using any 5 times a day.

I did set which router to join when adding these. Looking at this, it’s still joined to the closest, tho other devices seem to have switched to whatever they like in the z2m map.

I find the IKEA on/off buttons last me about a year with a few presses a day. The 5-button one lasts as long with multiple daily uses. -David

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