How long to restart

Mines takes 2 full minutes - is that normal?

How can I reduce it? Remove add-ons? Reduce mqtt traffic?


Raspberry Pi 3B
HassOS 1.9 Supervisor 131
HassOS ver 76.2

What hardware?

You’re lucky! Mine is currently about 5 minutes. (hassio, RPi 3B - only constructive comments please about changing HW, I know).

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Sorry, obviously that is crucial!


What version? Hassio? On HassOS or ResinOS?

2 mins on ResinOS is about right… HassOS takes MUCH longer… (even longer if you reboot the Pi and not just restart server)

I think I’m on HassOS. Supervisor 131

How can I tell? > System and either next to or below the supervisor panel it will show the host system…

HassOS 1.9

Yeah… well 2 mins is pretty fast for HassOS… Just make sure you don’t reboot it… use the restart server option in config sidetab… that is much faster.