How long to take control

I chose to “take control” of my Lovelace UI. After clicking “TAKE CONTROL”, it shows a spinning circle next to the words “TAKE CONTROL”.

It has been doing this for over an hour. Should it take this long, or is something broken?

It’s a instant process, no waiting. Try refreshing your browser by holding Ctrl and pressing F5 (refresh & clear cache).

I had tried restarting HASS and every time I went back to “take control” it did the same thing. I just tried it from a different PC/browser and it worked this time.

Very strange, but I’m glad it’s working for you now.

What was the browser that worked, and the browser that didn’t?

Both Chrome, but I moved from Windows to ChromeOS. I doubt that’s what made the difference though.

I also noticed my views/tabs went away after the first attempt hung, so I didn’t really trust it after that and restored from a backup. The views/tabs are still gone, so I’m troubleshooting that now before I attempt to take control again. So I wouldn’t say it’s working yet, but we’re getting there.

OK, I fixed my views. My fault (I hosed up the groups.yaml file). Take control worked again and all is well.