How move from lovelace to states for non administrator?

By default lovelace is set as default, change to states is quite simple for any aministrator, but it’s impossible to change it for any normal user cause the configuration menu (obvioulsy) is hided.
Any ideas?

Are you saying the Dev Tools> info page is hidden?

Yes, when I log in as non administrator the Developer Tools menu isn’t shown.

do you have “config:” or “default_config:” in your configuration.yaml?

Never mind…I missed the “non-” part.

I don’t think you can. As noted above, developer tools is excluded from non administrator users.

I can only suggest a bug report, but it’s not really a bug. Or maybe a thread in the architecture repo.

That said, I believe the old ui is to be removed at some point, so maybe best to move over to lovelace.

Moving to Lovelace is the thing that i fear, it will take a long time :pensive: my config is pretty wide…
I know that there’s some tools that “convert” states to lovelace, but I think that starting from a freshly sheet is a better way.

When Lovelace was released as default, it converted your groups over to a default lovelace view that looked identical. Why not just use lovelace?

I’ve some pages on lovelace created long time ago, just after the release, so when I switch to lovelace I don’t have the situation of states.
How to obtain what you say @flamingm0e?

Like I said, when Lovelace was set as the default, it automatically converted your states view over to lovelace to make them identical. Why did you switch back to states then?

Either way, running the python script will convert your states views over to Lovelace.

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