How much can i restore from Snapshot?

Hi all, I’ve used a very old PC just to try Home Assistant, at least it was what i wanted to do. I couldn’t resist configuring all the devices i could into it even though i knew i’d eventually have to change hardware. Now i have some HACS integration for devices, one HACS integration for lovelace cards. Something like 10 integrations and 2 add-ons, several automations, helpers and scripts. I need to change hardware since my PC gives me lot of problems and my concern is:
How much can i restore from snapshot? If i install HA on new hardware and restore a snap how much will i have to reconfigure devices and integrations? Will it be “plug and play”? Would it be better if i download all homeassistant folder and put it in new PC or it could give me problems? Thanks.


Or just 1 file, it’s up to you