How Much Is Too Much / Automation Counter

This is pretty subjective, but I was wondering how many running automations would have to occur before it’s “too much” for a responsive system? I am running on a Raspberry Pi 4.

I was also wondering if there was a way to create a sensor which would show how many automations are running at a given time? I know they generally happen quickly, and we’re likely talking thousands of things running before it’s an issue, but curiosity has got me wondering… Some automations wait for a specified time interval before continuing… And it’s also possible to accidentally create an “automation loop” where one triggers something, which in turn triggers something else, etc… If you’re not careful, you can wreak havoc and not even know why your system bogs down.

A sensor which shows how many automations are currently in progress could be a helpful administrative insight into your system.

Any thoughts?

The current attribute tells you whether an automation is active. A template sensor could generate that answer for you - and the best place to get help with that is the #templates channel on Discord.