How much $$$$ you in so far?

Just want to see how much others are in…for those who keep track that is, lol.

No competition for lowest/highest amount, just interested.

Im in $3,868.53 so far. But I’ve bought a lot of “extra” stuff to try. Could probably be right at $3000 if i add up just what Im actually using right now.

Hard to say. I built a new house with KNX bus system and dimmable 24V lights almost everywhere. I think the extra charge, compared to “standard” electrics, was about 8.000-10.000 € ($10.000-12.000). But I did everything myself, so I only had the material cost.
Plus afterwards some ZigBee lights (for floor lamps etc.) and sensors, some wifi sensors… But I think this additional stuff is not exceeding 500 €.

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I buy A LOT of cheap sensors, LED strips and various boards from Aliexpress. So I’m not in for very much. The most I spend is the $5 a month on Nabu Casa.

To give an example, a few months ago I made the electrical heater in my daughters room “smart” and integrated it as a thermostat in HA. Not including the price of the heater the price breakdown was as follows:

Wemos D1 MINI - £2.19
Relay module - £2.14
DHT22 module - £2.84

The actual price is a bit less as I have added the full shipping onto the price for each one. In reality I usually order quite a few of each unit and use them elsewhere.

So for £7.17 I have a smart heater and can see the temp and humidity in my daughters room.

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